Ọgbanzdu Ndu Ẹzaa Whẹ lẹ Chileke

Ndu Ẹzaa Ezekuna, Anyị Abọo oo! Anyị riwaru ịya lẹ nte l’anyi l’etso Nwatibe Chileke bụ Jisọs!

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Welcome! Sannu da zuwa!

This is a new site to share translations of the Holy Bible in Nigerian languages. Over 500 distinct languages are spoken in Nigeria today. Some have the whole Bible, but most have not yet had any of the Bible translated into them yet. Hundreds of people across the country are working hard to bring God’s Word into their languages and into their communities. This is a place to share the fruit of their work as directly, quickly and economically as possible.

“Freely you have received; freely give.”
— Matthew 10:8

Two kinds of people may use this site:

  • Translators, wanting to publish their translations – whether trial editions or final versions.
  • Readers, wanting to read the Bible in their heart language.

(Read a bit more.)

If you are a translator/project leader and you want to publish your work online, please email info@ngbible.com to request an account. Please tell us your names, the language name, the 3-letter ethnologue code (eg BCN). Then we will explain what you need to do and give you access to your own section of the site which you can develop as you want.

The site is growing so check our news regularly. If you would like to support the work in promotion, financially or in any other way, or if you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at info@ngbible.com

Thank you for visiting.

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