Who’s Behind the Site?

This site is being launched by David Rowbory, a Translation Consultant (in Training) with Wycliffe Bible Translators, in conjunction with several others who have expressed a desire to see this happen. The inspiration came from several mother tongue translators during workshops at NBTT (Nigeria Bible Translation Trust) in early 2011 who expressed an eagerness to open sites for the promotion of their languages and Bible translation projects.

This is not an official publication of Wycliffe Bible Translators or any other organisation and the content of the whole network of sites may not entirely represent policies of Wycliffe or other organisations. Members of the language communities involved are responsible for their content.

Our Plans & Objectives

We want to make this site an easy way for translation teams to upload and distribute checked translations.

We want to make it easy for ordinary Nigerians to find and read whatever of the Bible is in their language, whether on a computer or mobile phone.

Questions that Translation Teams Might Ask

  • What can we publish and when?
    • Three kinds of information:
      • information about the translation project,
      • materials (primers etc) that help people read your language,
      • translated Bible books or portions.
    • This is not for first drafts of translated Scripture, but consultant-checked work which is suitable for ‘trial’ publishing.
    • You might want to include audio recordings too.
    • You as translation teams have complete control and responsibility for what is published online.
  • Why publish online?
    • It’s much cheaper for publishers than printing books. And if no money is involved then there’s less distraction and worry about abuses of proceeds.
    • It is a cheaper way for people to get the Bible and encourages many people to read it.
  • How will we send/upload texts?
    • A Paratext backup file for the relevant books will probably be best, but a formatted PDF would also work.
  • How much does it cost?
    • The service is provided free of charge.

Questions that Readers Might Ask

  • What can I do with this site’s content?
    • Find your language’s Bible translation project. If it is not listed, then ask us or get in touch with your translation project some other way and tell them to request their free site here.
    • Then find something in your language – maybe Bible portions or information about a translation project or a guide to reading your language – then read it.
    • Link from your website or Facebook to this site.
    • Please don’t copy and distribute this content somewhere else without at least getting permission from the site authors. This site will be updated frequently, there might be mistakes that we correct and it will be most helpful for everyone if we keep one central point of reference. If you link to this site rather than copying then you’ll be sure you have the most up-to-date version. Please respect the hard work of the translators and others involved by acknowledging them when you use their work.
  • Can I print things from the site?
    • Yes, but it will probably be much cheaper to ask an administrator if you can buy printed booklets from the translation project itself. That may save you money (computer printer ink is quite expensive), you may help the project continue and probably you will receive something which is more beautiful than you could print yourself. (But if you’re far away from Nigeria or the translation office, feel free to print.)
  • My language is not listed. What can I do?
    • Ask us if we know of a translation project for your language, or contact the Nigeria Bible Translation Trust or ask around your community and get in touch with your translation project some other way. Then tell them to request their free site here.
    • If no project has yet been started in your language then you should pray and ask God how he wants to use you to bring the Bible to your people in your normal language. Talk with others and see if you can raise interest and get support to start a translation project of your own.
    • There are several organisations that can offer help and training, but you and your community needs to take the initiative and do what you can to make things happen.

Any unanswered questions?

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